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Saving changes while editing tensions

If you edit a tension during a meeting, it opens in an overlay. In this overlay you can make all your changes. However, if you do not save the changes immediately, but click in the gray area around the overlay, all changes are gone permanently.

This already cost us a lot of time and frustration. It would be nice to get at least a warning when clicking in the gray area around the overlay. Of cause a temporary storage of the changes would work as well.

Matthias Bänke

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The tension mechanism is a great tool in Holaspirit.

However I find the tension UI very prone to delete my draft tensions (it happened to me many times), and this is indeed extremely frustrating. Examples of ways to loose changes while editing a tension:

  • Click outside of the tension "modal" window
  • Select tension text but release the mouse outside the "modal" window
  • Hit "Esc" ont he keyboard (happens often if you are a vim user, or use the new MacBook Pro with the "Esc" key on the touch bar)

While the second one is arguably a bug, saving the content of draft tensions would be a clean solution to this.

.ch Nicolas Fremaux 7 votes
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This is really annoying. I've never seen any user-interface behave in such a way.

What is the intension behind it? Prevention of tension creation? That would make sense at least. 

Jan Mueller 0 votes
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