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Fonctionnement de ce forum (à lire avant de commencer) Support holaSpirit 1 comment 3 votes None
Welcome! Please read before starting Support holaSpirit 0 comments 0 votes None
adding attributes on roles Lukas Kahwewe Smith (he/him) 10 comments 1 vote Completed
Improved integration with Outlook Vanessa Sedlmeier 9 comments 13 votes None
Cross links Annelot de Wit 8 comments 14 votes None
Prepare tensions for tactical outside meeting Stefan Seifert 7 comments 12 votes Completed
Trello Integration Jörg Müller 7 comments 12 votes Completed
Bug: Random-selection goes haywire at the end of the meeting Vanessa Sedlmeier 6 comments 3 votes Planned
Répertoire dans les publications Sébastien Becker 6 comments 12 votes None
Moving Lead Link Accountabilites to another role should add authority to edit to this role as well Klaas Reineke 5 comments 3 votes Planned
Supprimer et modifier les rôles structurels (premiers et seconds liens, facilitateurs et secrétaires) Fantin Moreau 5 comments 9 votes Completed
holaSpirit bot for Slack / talkSpirit and other messaging plaforms Philippe Pinault 5 comments 3 votes Planned
JIRA Integration Stefan Seifert 5 comments 9 votes Completed
Export de l'holarchie Fantin Moreau 5 comments 4 votes Completed
Limiting Custom Fields visibility to Lead Links Kimberly Lipari 4 comments 0 votes None
time allocation across roles christophe louvion 4 comments 2 votes Planned
Application form to energize roles Reto Hugi 4 comments 16 votes Completed
Manual change of acronyms for HolaSpirit users Constantin Ettingshausen 4 comments 8 votes Completed
Overhaul Slack Integration Fred Magovern 4 comments 3 votes Planned
Pouvoir réattribuer un projet facilement Valérie Billaut 4 comments 1 vote Completed
Ability to sort or rearrange metrics Dien Kwik 4 comments 0 votes Completed
Zapier integration David Brühlmeier 4 comments 2 votes Completed
Module de recherche Cédric Bervas 4 comments 2 votes Completed
Changing a role into a circle Vanessa Sedlmeier 3 comments 1 vote Completed
make everything linkable Lukas Kahwewe Smith (he/him) 3 comments 2 votes Completed
Checklist and indicators made easy for tactical meeting Benoît Galy 3 comments 2 votes None
Pouvoir archiver ses propres projets plus facilement dans la page Mes projets Anne Chabert 3 comments 0 votes Completed
Pouvoir accéder à tous les projets archivés d'un cercle ou même de la compagnie Anne Chabert 3 comments 0 votes Completed
Information after meeting Elisabeth Strausak 3 comments 3 votes Answered
Mise à jour intégration Slack Vincent REHM 3 comments 5 votes Completed