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holaSpirit bot for Slack / talkSpirit and other messaging plaforms

A bot to answer simple questions: 

  • What are the roles of jean? 
  • What is the role Product Manager?

A bot to create tensions or post asyncrhonous governance proposal

Other idea?

Philippe Pinault

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  • What are the projects of Peter ?
  • What are my projects / tensions / metrics ?
  • Add a tension / action / project
  • Search in constitution
  • Search in holaspirit


Eric Journeaux 0 votes
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I would like to be able to request projects and/or actions to specific roles inside Slack :)

Davi Gabriel da Silva 1 vote
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Would be great to have support to easy mention all role-fillers for some role, for example:

* when I need to contact all Lead Links or Facilitators

* when I need anything from specific role, but I don't know, which role filler will have time for this


It could be done via slackbot (free slack version) or via slack groups (paid slack version).

Right now it has to be done manually and also updated after any change.

Would be helpful also, if I could create list of mentions for specific role (across the circles) in format @name.surname

Patrycja Wala 1 vote
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  • address roles in slack directly, without knowing who are the fillers or how many fillers (we currently use handmade channels for some support roles that are much requested)
  • clarify the role i'm speaking from in slack, something like an autocomplietion for " As @Marketing Manager I would like to inform you that ..."
Benoît Pointet 1 vote
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