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Attention Point System / Système de point d'attention

Attention point system

When a "attention point system" policy is adopted (attention points are allocated to a role, to "fund" the role with partner attention), it would be great if an app in HolaSpirit would manage the points by circle and by roles, so it's easy for the lead links to follow the "attention point system".


Système de point d'attention

Lorsqu'une politique de "système de point d'attention" est adoptée (des points d'attention sont alloués à un rôle afin que le partenaire puisse "remplir" le rôle de son attention), ce serait bien si une application dans HolaSpirit pouvait gérer les points d'attention par cercle et par rôle afin que ce soit facile pour les premiers liens de suivre le système de point d'attention.

Andréane Neveu

Official comment


Hey there, 

We've started to work on this feature now. We should deliver it before the end of August. 

Enjoy this Summer time. 


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Hi, all, Philipe:

This is a reply to the request for elaboration on Attention Points the way we See it :):

The goal of Attention Point is to be able to guide the usage of people's time as a resource. At this Point in time, people are expected to use their own judgement about percentage of their time put into a role.

Attention Point will help a little in giving guidance for role fillers when deciding the use of their time.

I believe there are two ways of using Attention points:

1. As another resource that the Lead Link allocates to the roles within the circle. It can be as simple as 100 points equaling a full time person's working hours (40 hours/week worth). Thus an attention point of 50 will mean roughly requiring half of his/her working time. This will give clues to the role filler about how much time he/she should be spending in this role. It gets abut complicated when the total of all his/her attention points total to more than 100, in which case the attention points become relative to the total attention points he/she has on his/her plate. Don't know how to best handle this, other than letting it happen or making it explicit that every role filler can only have a total of 100 attention points.

2. As a"bounty" for projects. This is something new that I've heard in the Holacracy forum video on YouTube. It seems like attention points can be used as bounties as well where everyone or a subset in the company is invited to allocate bounties on projects they think had the highest impacrs for the organization. This is like doing marketplace pricing to determine relative priorities of projects to be done in the company. Projects with higher total bounties mean a more impactful project and role fillers that spend their time in these projects may collect these bounties. It's sort of like Gamifying project executions. Don't know enough about the details to comment
More, but it's an interesting idea nonetheless.

Dien Kwik 2 votes
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