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Dummy Meeting, or the ability to cancel a meeting

In order to test out new meeting features, we need to open a meeting and test them out there.  

Once a meeting is opened, however, there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel it, so we have to close it which sends out the meeting minute to everyone, which we don't want , since it is only to test out new features.

It would be nice, if we can create a dummy meeting just to test out features.  The actions taken in the dummy meeting are never recorded.

Alternatively, the ability to cancel a meeting once started, can be implemented.  This will require that all the changes during the tactical meeting can be undone.


Dien Kwik

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Hi Dien, this feature to delete a test/fake meeting is in progress.

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Oh, is the "test mode" meant for this, actually ?

If test mode is turned on, does the meeting still gets recorded in the meeting reports ?

If we turn on test mode, what happens if at the same time a real meeting is going on ? Will it still send the minute for that real meeting ?


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