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Outside entity

I would like to be able to create and describe an entity outside the most outer circle (General Company Circle / Anchor Circle).

Every holacracy company has "something" outside its boundry that can influence it. Typically there is

a) a board of directors

b) a surrounding company if there is just a unit under holacracy

This entity should be like a circle. It should generally be a black box, but it should have a Name and be able to hold Domains (domains that impact the Holacracy company.

For example, if the Board of Directors is accountable/responsible to set a company strategy (which they have in most countries by law and can't be delegated). This outside entity can hold the domain "company strategy", making it clear for everybody within the company there is a domain to respect.

This should help all holacracy companies to clarify their interfaces with its surroundings by fencing of who is doing what.

Fritz von Allmen

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I just saw that even HolacracyOne has created and visualized an entity outside of the GCC. In my opinion they did it wrong, the Board cannot work with Holacracy because they are bound to the law. I would still like to see one or more outside entities so we could document how and by whom we get influenced

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