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Hidde Checked Metrics during Tactival Meetings for bether overview

We have several Monthly, quarterly or yearly Metrics that appear in all tacticals even if we alread checked them for this month, quarter or year. 

It would be cool to have an option to hide those metric until they should reoccur. For example we checked the Monthly Metrics X on the 4 of the month and then it should not show up again until the 1st of the month. With this only metrics that are needed to report should appear in the list. This helps with the overview in the metrics part of the tactical.  

Other way would be to have two lists like " Not Checked Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly" and "Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Checked" so the already checked entries would still be available but you can "filter" for not checked metrics. 


Adrian Heiniger

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Thanks for the suggestion Adrian. Will consider it.

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