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More Possibilies with "Actions"

Hey Guys,

we're using actions intensivly and would appriciate to get following functions/modifications:

a) At the moment anyone can check, edit or delete actions of others. That might causes trouble and misunderstanding. Out of our perspective there is no need for let anyone manipulate actions of others. Just the action-owner and the secretary should be able to manipulate actions.


b) Actions describe things to do as projects do. We define a goal and strive to reach those. The difference between both are "just" , in our opinion, the amount of work we have to spend into. In our tactical meetings we update others not only about metrics and projects but actions as well in order to get a maximum of transparence of everyones work. Unfortunalty updating others about actions we defined in previous meetings is not implemented in holaspirit, but should :)

c) While defining an action within a meeting there is no possibility to fill the body of those, you are just allowed to define a title and the resposibility. Altough one can update (including filling the body) an action after the meeting, we would really like to do that while adding the action within the meeting.

Thank you :)



Christian Will

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It also would be nice if you could link actions to a project, or define actions comming from a project, or upgrade an action to a project.

thx in advance

Steven De Backer 2 votes
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Regarding the point b of Christian Will, I still cannot see actions on the tactical meeting. I just see the Projects. Why aren`t the pending actions shown as well?

Lula Rodrigues 0 votes
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