Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a video conferencing app. 

Activate / Deactivate

Only administrators can activate Google Hangouts app. When activated, secretaries will be able to launch a video conference for every meeting. 

  • Go to the App tab of the Administration area
  • Click on Activate

Click on Deactivate if you don't want to use it anymore.


Using Google Hangout during a meeting

Only the secretary can open a video conferencing room during a meeting. 

  • When the meeting is open, click on the Google Hangouts icon to launch a video conferencing room. Then complete the URL of the video conferencing room


  • To get this URL, go to Google Hangouts, click on Start a video. In the new window, click on Modify and the  Authorize to allow anyone knowing this secret URL to join the meeting. 

  • Copy the link of the video conferencing room

  • Paste this link in the field of the Google Hangouts activation widget in holaSpirit.
  • A Join button will appear for all members. Members just have to click on this button to join the video conferencing room.

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