Zoom is a video conferencing app. 

Activate / Deactivate

Only admin can activate Zoom app. When activated, secretaries will be able to launch a video conference for every meeting.

To continue, you will need your zoom.us API key and secret, to get them follow this:

  1. Go to https://marketplace.zoom.us
  2. Login
  3. Select "develop"
  4. From the drop-down, "built an app"
  5. Accept the terms of the agreement
  6. Name your app
  7. Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace should be turned off. (not blue)
  8. Choose "account-level" app
  9. From the drop-down menu, choose "JWT" credentials
  10. Create the app
  11. Your API Key and API secret will be listed on the next menu "Credentials information"

Once you have the API key and secret:

  • On holaspirit, go to the App tab of the Administration area
  • Complete the API key and secret
  • Click on Activate

Click on Deactivate if you don't want to use it anymore. 


Using Zoom during a meeting

Only the secretary can open a video conferencing room during a meeting. 

  • When the meeting is open, click on the Zoom icon to launch a video conferencing room

  • A Join button will appear for all members. Members just have to click on this button to join the video conferencing room.

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