I don't get emails from holaSpirit

If you don't get any emails from holaSpirit, please check that you don't receive emails as spam. You can also check you enabled email notifications on circles you belong to.

To see or check enabled circles notifications, click on your avatar (or your initials) on the top left of the screen, then click on Profile and go to the Settings tab.

To ensure email delivery we use two services: Sparkpost and Postmark.

Postmark is used to send transactional emails when the following actions are done:

  • signup
  • invitation to join an organization
  • change email notification
  • lost password request
  • governance out of governance started notification

All other emails are send through Sparkpost.

Check also this page: Emails deliverability

Test mode

If you have enabled the test mode, only administrators receive our emails. Deactivate the test mode in the administration area to let the members receive our emails. 

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