Create, edit and delete a meeting (or recurring meetings)

To open or schedule a  meeting,

  • Click on My meetings
  • Click on Calendar
  • Click on Open a meeting now or Schedule a meeting
  • Select the duration (optional field)
  • To schedule a recurring meeting, choose the meeting frequency. The first 4 meetings are created immediately. The next meetings will be automatically created later so that there will always be 4 scheduled meetings.
  • Select Tactical or Governance and the circle you wish to organize the meeting for
  • Click on Open the meeting now or Schedule the meeting
  • Save


To edit a scheduled meeting, click on the pen icon.


To delete a scheduled meeting, click on the trash icon. It's not possible to delete a meeting that has already started.


To delete a recurring meeting, click on the recurring icon and delete. Then delete manually the meetings.

NB: you can only open a meeting for the circles where you are a Core-Circle member.

The user who organized the meeting is considered to be the meeting secretary

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