Slack integration allows you to follow your circle's activities in a Slack channel.

This integration will generate automatic messages in a specific Slack channel for the following triggers:

  • Project creation / update
  • Role and Circle creation / update / removal
  • Policy creation / update / removal 
  • Election in a Core Role: Facilitator, Secretary, Rep Link
  • A meeting (tactical or governance) finishes
  • A governance outside of meeting starts

Please follow the instructions below to add this integration.


Link a circle to a Slack channel

To link circle's activities to a Slack channel, go to the integrations tab of the circle and click on "Activate".

You'll be redirected to Slack and you'll need to choose the channel you want to link to the circle. To finish the setting, click on "Authorize" and you'll be automatically redirect to holaSpirit!

Now, you can see from the circle page which channel is linked to your circle.

 And every new event listed at the top of the page will be displayed in Slack. For example:



Unlink a circle from a Slack channel

If you want to unlink a circle and a Slack channel, in the circle page go to the integrations tab of the circle and click on "Deactivate".

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