Type of users

There are 2 types of users: active members and inactive members

  • Active members can be the owner of the organization, an administrator or a simple member. They can log into the organization and use the different functions of holaspirit to work with their roles.
  • Inactive members are users which can be assigned to roles, have a login to access the organization but they can't use the different functions of holaspirit.


The owner of the organization

The owner of the organization is the user who creates the organization. The owner has the highest privileges in holaSpirit. The owner can:


The administrator

The owner can name one or more administrators. The administrator has advanced privileges in holaSpirit. Administrator can: 


The member

The user who joins the Organization is called a Member. Member rights in holaSpirit depends on his roles. Read more about the member.


Inactive member

Inactive members can be assigned to roles and be invited by an administrator to access the organization and browse the holarchy. Inactive members cannot use holaSpirit to work with their roles (use projects, actions, checklists, ...). Inactive members cannot be assigned to projects or actions during tactical meetings and cannot participate in meetings too. It's not possible to convert active members to inactive members.

Tip: Use inactive members to add all your staff in your organization, including those who won't use holaSpirit. Inviting inactive members.

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