Making a Governance proposal out of meeting

You can make a proposal outside of a meeting and submit it to the members of the Circle (only Core Circle Members will be able to take part in this governance).

  • Add a tension and build a governance proposal as described in this article
  • Click the Share icon button to submit your proposal to the Circle members


Your governance proposal is sent by e-mail to all Core Circle Members. Your proposal is also accessible to Circle members via an icon visible from the menu bar at the top of the page.

Each Core Circle Member can then express himself on the proposal:

  • No objection
  • Escalate to meeting indicates that the member wants you to bring your governance proposal to the next governance meeting. The first member who clicks on this button stops the governance process outside of governance for all other members.

To be accepted, your proposal must meet one of the following conditions:

  • All Circle members clicked No objection
  • No Core Circle Member has clicked on Escalate to meeting within 7 days

NB: The 7-day deadline can be modified by the administrator of your organization.

Removing a Governance Proposal During the Process

It is not possible to delete a Governance proposal outside of the meeting during the evaluation process by Circle members.

The process is interrupted if:

Validated governance proposals are recorded with the Governance Meeting Reports and bear the words Governance outside of meetings.

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