Change duration and feedback options for Governance outside meetings

Core Circle Members may make proposals for governance outside meetings.

By default, a governance proposal is validated when one of the two conditions is true:

  • All Core Circle Members clicked the No objection button associated with the proposal
  • No Core Circle Member clicked the Escalate to Meeting button within 7 days (by default).

Admins can change this delay.

To change this setting,

  • Click Your avatar in the top navigation bar
  • Click Administration then Advanced settings at the bottom of the page
  • Change the number of days
  • Click Save


Feedback for "Escalate to meeting"

The feedback for an escalation to a meeting is not required by the Holacracy Constitution. A parameter is used to activate the ability for members who "Escalate to meeting" a proposal to provide motivation.

NB: to stay aligned with the Holacracy Constitution, add a policy of Governance outside the meetings for both delay and feedback options.

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