New member?

Is this your first visit on holaSpirit? Welcome!

This note here is to guide you through the discovery of our platform.

First of all, take a moment to explore the interface and check your holarchy.

Then click on My Circles and Roles in the left navigation menu. Your roles are grouped within the circles that contain them. If you don't have a role, please review the relevant section below.


Do you have one or more roles?

Take a few minutes to browse each role. 

  • Click on My Circles and Roles in the left navigation menu and then click on each Circle and each Role.
  • Study the description of the roles that have been assigned to you.
  • Complete the description of your roles by posting new projects, checklists or publications.

Do you need to make changes on your roles? Request your Circle's Secretary to schedule a Governance meeting and prepare your change proposals in the My Tensions section.


Don't have a role yet? Ask for one!

If the above message appears at the top of your application, it means that no Role has been assigned to you yet. Without a role you cannot carry out virtually actions. 

In the secretary's absence, you will not be able to open meetings either (Governance or Tactical).

Contact the Lead link of the Anchor Circle or the Circle that you should be assigned to in order to be assigned to a relevant role.



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