The Lead Link

According to the Holacracy Constitution (Appendix A: definition of core roles), the Lead Link is defined as follows:


The Lead Link holds the Purpose of the overall Circle.


Role assignments within the Circle


  • Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities
  • Assigning Partners to the Circle’s Roles; monitoring the fit; offering feedback to enhance fit; and re-assigning Roles to other Partners when useful for enhancing fit
  • Allocating the Circle’s resources across its various Projects and/or Roles
  • Establishing priorities and Strategies for the Circle
  • Defining metrics for the circle
  • Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities The Lead Link also holds all un-delegated Circle-level Domains and Accountabilities.


Lead Link accountabilities on holaSpirit

For each of his circles, the Lead Link can:



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