Creating, modifying and deleting a tension

What is a tension?

In Holacracy, a tension is a member's feeling that there is a gap in one of their roles between the current reality and a situation that could be better in the future.

Holacracy requires that each member give the tension they feel in their roles to the intended instances (governance or tactical) in order to be processed.

The "My Tensions" section in the navigation menu allows each member to prepare their Governance proposals related to each of their tensions.


Creating a tension

To create a tension, 

  • Click on Add a tension
  • Enter a title and the Circle in where the tension is
  • Prepare a governance proposal by creating, modifying, removing Roles/Circles and/or Policies
  • Save by clicking on the related icon

To create a new tension, click on Add a tension.


Modifying a tension

  • Click on the tension you wish to modify
  • Make the desired modifications
  • Save by clicking on the related icon


Deleting a tension

  • Click on the tension you wish to delete
  • Click on Delete 
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