Creating your organization

To get started on the right track, please follow these 4 steps below:

PS: Are you a Glassfrog user? We can import your data in holaSpirit.

1. Use Governance meeting to create roles and circles

In order to create your first roles and circles for the general circle, the below steps should be followed:

  1. Click on My Meetings in the left-hand menu
  2. Click on Open a meeting 
  3. Select Governance meeting for the General Circle
  4. Go to the Agenda round 
  5. Add a point to the Agenda
  6. Click on the + button to insert your agenda point
  7. Click on the agenda point and then you will see 4 options
  8. Click on Role or Circle and fill in the info. If you want to create a circle, click on the bottom of the card on Make this role a Circle.
  9. Validate your action and your roles will be visible on your organization view on the home page. 
  10. Close the governance meeting

2. Inviting members on the platform

  • Go to the Members section
  • Click on Add a member
  • Fill in the name and email addres
  • Click on save

Members will receive an email asking them to log in. Need a batch import? please ask.

Remember, members won't be able to do anything until you have assigned them to roles (step 3).

If you want to initiate your organization without sending emails to your members, please enable a the "test mode" before inviting them. Read more.

3. Assigning members to roles

  • Go to the Circle page by clicking on Organization on the left-hand menu and select the relevant circle.
  • In the Roles list, click on the + button next to the role you wish to assign. If you don't see the assignment, enter CTRL+R or CMD+R to refresh your webpage.
  • Choose a member and add a focus if needed.

Congratz, you have now initiated your organization!

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