Restructuring a Circle

The restructuring of a Sub-circle can only be done via the Governance Process of its Super-Circle or a proposal sent to the members of the Circle via the My Tensions heading.

The following actions are executed by the Secretary of the meeting on behalf of the member which brought the tension.

  • Join a Governance Meeting
  • Add a tension on the agenda
  • Then, when it is your tension’s turn to be discussed, follow these indications:

Restructuring a Sub-Circle

  • Select the Circle to be restructured in the Restructure Sub-Circle menu
  • Select the Roles and Policies that you wish to move to the Super-Circle or the Roles and Policies in the Super-Circle that you wish to move to the Sub-Circle
  • If there are no objection to your proposal, confirm the proposal by clicking on the icon Confirm

The Circle is then restructured.


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