Creating and modifying a metric

Metric description

A metric is outlined by: 

  • A title
  • A recurrence
  • A role assigned to the metric
  • A member once the role has been selected

Optional information can be added: 

  • Content
  • A link to an external resource

The My Metrics section gives you access to an overview of all your metrics sorted by circle, then by role and by recurrence.

Only Lead Links can define and assign metrics to members of a circle unless otherwise delegated by the authority.

Creating a metric 

To create an metric, 

  • Click on "Add a metric"
  • Fill in the required fields (title, recurrence, role)
  • Save

 Modifying a metric

To modifying a metric, click on the card, change the information and save.

Click on delete to delete a metric. This action cannot be undone. 


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