Creating, modifying and deleting a project

What is a project and how does it work on holaSpirit?

A project is a set of actions to be carried out.

A project is outlined by: 

  • An expected outcome (project title).
  • A level of privacy (eye icon).
  • A progress status.
  • A role assigned to the project.

Optional information can be added: 

  • A description.
  • A link to an external source.

The My Projects section gives you access to have an overview of all your projects, sorted by their progress status.


Creating a project 

To create a project, 

  • Click on Add a project
  • Fill in the required fields (expected outcome, status, role) 
  • Save


NB: the eye icon crossed out means a project that is only visible by the member who created it.


Modifying or deleting a project

To modify a project, click on its card, change the information and save.

Click on Delete to delete a project. This action cannot be undone.


Making a project private/Concealing a project

You can conceal projects from other members of the organization by clicking on "show details" and then checking the box "make this projects private".

By default, created projects can be viewed by all organization members.

When the project is private (eye icon crossed out), members of the organization no longer have access to it. The project can only be viewed in your My Projects section.


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