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The application “Badges” allows you to manage a set of badges related to the organization or the roles of the organization that are assigned to different members. This app supports new practices in the field of Human Resources. It allows organizations to identify the existing knowledge, skills and yet to be acquired know-how by integrating this dimension into the evaluation processes that eventually will enable new ways of compensation (See App proposed by Holacracy named Badge-based Compensation App).


Badges can be activated by an administrator in the administration section by clicking on the "App settings" tab, as illustrated on the picture below.



Configuration (optional)

Once the app is activated, you have the option of choosing the "Badge Manager" role and the "Badge Assigner" role (the roles must have been created before in a governance meeting).
In case a role is not chosen, administrators have the possibility to take actions on behalf of a relevant role. 



Badges of the Organization

In the menu "Badges" you can easily see different badges that are created for your organization. Please note that only members with a "Badge Manager" or “Administrator” status have the possibility to create new badges.



Badges of a Circle

The "Badges" tab of a relevant circle allows having a clear overview of the badges that are limited to the respective circle.



Creating / Modifying / Removing Badges
If a member is "Badge manager" or “Administrator”, he or she also has the possibility to create, modify and delete the badges. Picture below illustrates the page where a badge can be created and assigned to a role.



Naming a Badge is mandatory
When a role is specified, only members assigned to this role will receive this badge.
In case a role is not specified, all members of the organization will receive the badge.


The role "Badge Assigner" or (by default) the Administrator can now assign the badges to the members of the organization.

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