The integration of Todoist with holaSpirit allows you to receive the actions assigned to you (in all circles) during the tactical meetings directly in the Todoist inbox.

Link your account to your Todoist

To link your holaSpirit account to your Todoist, go to the Integrations tab on the Profile page and click "Activate".


Once having activated this feature, you will be redirected to Todoist. In order to authorize holaSpirit to publish the shares and to continuing the configuration, click the Agree button. (If you already Agreed in the past for the same account, Todoist will not ask you again, and go directly to the next step)


The configuration is now completed.

From now on, each new action assigned to you (in whichever circle) will automatically appear in the Todoist Inbox.

Remove the link with Todoist

If you want to remove the link with Todoist, just click the "Deactivate" button on the Integrations tab on the profile page.


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