Holacracy app

The application “Holacracy” allows you to manage settings for your Holacracy practice. It will add new features and parameters on holaSpirit to work with Holacracy rules.

Activation and deactivation

Holacracy app can be activated by an administrator in the administration section by clicking on the "Apps" tab, as illustrated on the picture below. This app is activated by default.



Once the app is activated, you can:

  • Configure the core roles' language
  • Add the ratification document
  • Activate or deactivate the lead link of the Anchor circle
  • Add some habit checklists to strengthen your Holacracy practice
  • Access some of the Holacracy sources in the help menu

The deactivation of this app will remove all the above possibilities. The deactivation does not remove any other data from your organization.

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