Custom fields

Custom fields allow organizations to add more information on Roles, Circles or Members. It's an extra feature outside the Holacracy constitution to add more details on how things work in your organization.

For example, it can be the Role capacities to describe what the role does or a location to describe where a member is located. It can be whatever you want to make things more clear. 

You can create custom fields for a member or a role.

Go to the tab tools of the administration to add some of them.




You can add 3 type of custom fields, which can be applied to a member or a role (a circle is a role) by clicking on Add a custom field


  • Name: the name of the field which will be display in each pages.
  • Role: this field will be apply to a role.
  • Member: this field will be apply to a member. 
  • Text field: this field allows adding a short description, a link on one ligne only.
  • Text box: this field allows adding content in several lines.
  • Multiple choice: this field allows users to choose a value between amongst those listed.
  • Details (optional): this field allows adding a clearer body to your custom field.

Fill in the form then Save to create your new custom field. This information is now available in the section Gouvernance on the page of the role, the member or the circle. Custom fields can be edited by administrators, lead link of this circle, members assigned to the role and for a circle, member with at least one role in this circle.


Each person in the organization can update this additional information.

To edit them, click on the pencil to display the form.


To validate, click on OK.

All content published through Custom fields will appear in the search results. 

Custom Fields may also be used through the api. 



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